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ABOUT Brown Sterling Builders

Brown Sterling Builders, Inc. operates with a simple philosophy: quality workmanship and high standards.

UPgrade Your Home
Remove those old windows and replace them with newer, double pane windows. It's a two for one deal that improves your homes' appearance and lower your heating and cooling costs. We can install upgrades most likely to improve the future resale value, like a gleaming new kitchen.
24hr Emergency Services
Our sister company, Brown Fire & Water Restoration Services offers 24 Hour Emergency Services. Commercial, Residential, Multi-family.
Home Repairs
We offer a wide variety of home upgrade and repair services, including repair and/or replacement of interior flooring, Sheetrock, ceiling tiles, plumbing, interior walls, exterior siding and much more.
Our Works


Fence Construction

Outdoor Guest Accommodations

Community Boundary Fencing

Public Park Signage & Equipment

Insured Business

Our Services

Brown Sterling Builders, Inc. is a full-service and insured residential HOA construction company that provides homeowners associations and individual homeowners with quality and cost-effective maintenance and renovation services.
  • Common Area Maintenance Inspection

    We will establish a Common Area Maintenance Inspection (CAMI) team for the HOA that will inspect the common areas at specified intervals and schedule time to make (authorized) repairs in the community.

    CAMI team Services

    • Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, ...
    • 24 hr Emergency response available
    • Experts in deed restriction violation inspections.

    Landscaping Services

    Regardless of the size of the community, we can provide the best in maintenance, landscaping and construction services for the greater Houston Texas Metropolitan area.

  • Fully Staffed Business

    We directly employ all of our employees, NO SUBS, to ensure that our clients receive quality services at a reasonable price.

    Service Advantage

    • Full time maintenance division
    • Designated Teams
    • Courteous and professional

    Let's Meet!

    This means Brown Sterling Builders does not sub-contact any of or work which is better for you. Perhaps one of the best reasons comes from the fact that as a general contractor, we are responsible for the quality of all the contracted work so we do it right, the first time.
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  • Renovation Expertise

    We have helped multiple homeowners with renovation projects like bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and even entire homes.

    Service Advantage

    • We can upgrade, repair, replace nearly every item within your property lines
    • Professional, knowlegable, and Courteous Employees from start to finish

    Certified by the EPA

    Common renovation, repair, and painting activities that disturb lead-based paint (like sanding, cutting, replacing windows, etc.) can create hazardous lead dust and chips which can be harmful to adults and children.

    EPA Certified For Lead safe renovation

    Home repairs that create even a small amount of lead dust are enough to poison your child and put your family at risk. * Buildings erected prior to 1978

Completing top quality home upgrades and repairs for the past 25 years!!

Get the "Most Bang for Your Buck" with cost-effective ways to convert useless spaces into functional features.

Recessed Electrical Outlets
Recessed Electrical Outlets
Recessed outlets mean that furniture can be placed closer to your smoother looking wall(s).
Bathroom Remodel
Remodeling Services
Improve the resale value of your home by remodeling the master bath.
Add Skylights
Ceiling Skylights
Skylights brighten up any room and save energy to boot.


Brown Sterling Builders is a trusted business partner of Lowes Home Improvement and a featured service provider across Houston.